6th Annual Evansville Streets Alive – Saturday, May 20th!

StreetsAlive_Logo FINALEvansville Streets Alive! is a car-free festival that will close Garvin park to vehicle traffic to create a community space for people to walk, dance, bike, skate, play games, make music and enjoy great fun with family and friends. Admission is FREE for everyone.

Evansville Streets Alive! is hosted jointly by the Evansville-area Trails Coalition (ETC) and ECHO Housing Corporation’s Jacobsville Join In!, as a considerable fundraiser for both non-profit organizations.

69272_464911720242464_2122981840_nEvansville-area Trails Coalition’s mission is to ensure a vibrant, healthy future for Evansville by promoting development of trails and greenways that connect our community’s people and places. The coalition encourages active lifestyles by creating more safe places for walking and bicycling in our community.


The ETC mission aligns with the Jacobsville transparent JJI ECHOneighborhood vision developed through the Jacobsville Join In initiative: “As a vibrant, “hip and cool” neighborhood where relationships flourish, Jacobsville will serve as a model for other neighborhoods, offering ample opportunities to build relationships, foster strong families, and establish “roots” in Jacobsville leading to well-maintained homes and businesses, transportation choices, educational opportunities for youth and adults, new and exciting retail establishments and restaurants, and safe and attractive public spaces.”