Host an Activity!

EvanStreetFB-0214Businesses and nonprofit agencies, as well as youth groups and musicians, can participate in Streets Alive with activities such as dance lessons, old-fashioned sack races, yoga and Tai Chi classes, basketball games and scavenger hunt.

Our activity partners make Evansville Streets Alive one of the most unique events in the city. We invite you to become part of the ESA TEAM by hosting an activity! Apply to host an activity by completing an Activity Leader Application. Click HERE to download the Activity Leader Application.  For questions, please contact Roberta Heiman at (812) 454-6785 or

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Application and payment must be received by March 1, 2017
Evansville Streets Alive (ESA) ACTIVITY LEADER FAQ’s

Who are Activity Leaders?
Activity Leaders are businesses or organizations that want to provide an activity and engage with event-goers.

What kinds of activities to leaders provide?
The best activities are those that creatively represent your business or organization, while involving event-goers. For example, a gym might host workouts or fitness challenges. A dance group could give short lessons. A clothing store may put on a fashion show. A self-storage facility could create a cardboard box maze for kids! Sometimes activity leaders are just individuals who want to share their passion for an activity, such as finger-painting or hula hooping.

Do Activity Leaders pay a fee?
No. There is not a fee to host an activity.

Can my nonprofit set up a table?
There are lots of great organizations doing good work in Evansville, and we invite them to come to share what they do. However, we discourage organizations from simply giving out print materials during the event and require all groups to set up a fun activity. This will bring more people to your table, and help keep Evansville Streets Alive an active, environmentally-friendly event. (See litter-free rule)

Do I get to pick my location on the route?
Activity leaders are assigned a location by Evansville Streets Alive organizers. Let us know your activity space requirements or other needs, such as smooth pavement, flat grassy area, shade, electric hook-up, etc. in the application.

What happens if it rains the day of the event?
We all get wet together.

Where do I park?
Information regarding parking, event placement, restrooms, set up and break down will be provided by our Logistics Team two weeks before the event date.

Do I get a social media shout-out?
All activity leaders registered by the deadline receive a mention on social media.

Do I get on a map?
YES! We list all activities registered by the deadline on our event map. Help fill the streets with potential customers by posting event flyers in your business, sharing a blurb on your social media, or including in an e-newsletter to your customers along with any special plans you have for the day.

Evansville Streets Alive (ESA) ACTIVITY LEADER Rules & Regulations

 Activity Leaders must abide by the rules and regulations below:

  • Activity Leaders agree to maintain the dignity and integrity of Evansville Streets Alive a healthy and family-friendly event. Activities are relevant to active, healthy living or community engagement and must be participatory by event-goers. Participatory can mean different things. Be creative. We love to hear your ideas!
  • Evansville Streets Alive is a litter-free event. We ask vendors and activity leaders not to distribute literature, pamphlets, brochures, business cards etc. An alternative way to market services/products is to collect names, addresses or emails on a sign-up form at your booth.  Or, make available a QR code for social media/websites at your booth for festival-goers to scan with their smart phones.
  • Activity Leaders are responsible to provide their own audio and sound for activities and performances requiring audio/music. Activities are required to be setup by 10AM. Activities may not dissemble activity set-up prior to 4PM.  Must have activity staffed at all time during event.  Activities will need to supply their own tables, chairs, tent, display items, electrical hook-ups and other equipment.
  • Activity Leaders are responsible for any loss or damage to the booth, merchandise, and/or the vendor equipment during ESA.
  • Activity organization must list Evansville-area Trails Coalition and ECHO Housing Corporation as a rider on Insurance Policy for May 20, 2017, and provide proof by March 1, 2017.
  • No vending is allowed without advance permission provided by Evansville Streets Alive organizers. Evansville Streets Alive allows for food and arts/crafts vendors. Please see our application process for Food Vendor or Arts/Crafts Vendor.